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"The instruments become extensions of the minds of Bandini and Chiacchiaretta; they move as they would on a chessboard: each movement is a move to postpone the moment of checkmate. An alchemy of questions, answers and movements: a dance which is funereal and orgiastic at the same time.
The authentic coherence of their interpretations stems not from a unifying reason but from a spiritual impulse which generates them. One could talk about the ample warm vocal vibrato, about the relish for surprise and hazard, about restlessness, freshness and liberty. Theirs is a musical fantasy that is not a tiring conquest but a biological breath of the mind."
------------------------------------ Enrico Raggi

"The soul of tango emerged from Giampaolo Bandini’s guitar and Cesare Chiacchiaretta’s bandoneon during a memorable concert. In front of such a heartfelt performance, expressed by the gesture of the bandoneonist and with Giampaolo Bandini softening the scenery, the audience had no alternative but to burst into an unceasing fervent applause."
------------------------------------ Carlos F. Marquez

"Bandini and Chiacchiaretta held a concert that, just like tango, was a condensing of emotions and real life. Bandini and Chiacchiaretta have technique, talent, performing class. Theirs is a tango danced in two."
------------------------------------ Roberto Codazzi

"The bandoneonist’s expression was incredibly static, languid, hieratic and ecstatic as he really felt and rendered the languor, the solemnity, the sensual beating of the marvellous musical pieces he was playing with a rare technical mastery that made the hardest, the fastest, the dizziest passages seem so easy. Even more surprising was Giampaolo Bandini's expression. Few artists have I known who are able to master the most inexhaustible technical skills to make a guitar turn into a magic piano. Very few guitarists have I seen facing the hardest passages, performing the dizziest hails of notes, the most complicated sound effects, the most perfect harmonic and flute-like sounds the way he did, during a performance that I would call a spectacular “circus show”."
------------------------------------ Arturo Messina

"Bandini made his guitar “think” and “tell”, its sound like neat and aware thoughts  as Chiacchiaretta’s bandoneon exhaled them in the form of passions.
Bandini moved his body following the trajectory of the sound coming from his guitar: he exalted or muffled the sound through fluid movements of his shoulders, head and legs. Chiacchiaretta did the same, opening and closing his bandoneon as if it was a musical fan, bending with a moving softness on “pianissimi” that he transformed into a thin transparent thread. It sounded like the heart had found its death in there and the thought was transfigured into absolute Beauty."
------------------------------------ Bruna Milani

"Giampaolo Bandini on guitar, Cesare Chiacchiaretta on bandoneon: both willing to present the audience with emotions, to make the most of the magical atmosphere and all the pathos that only tango can convey. The expression of those engrossed faces was a sort of  key of understanding in itself:  it was addressing, involving, enrapturing. And then, those movements hardly in control, the writhing, the typical expressions of being engrossed in attention and concentration, the sublimation of the sound dominating any effort, any possible discomfort. The urgent need to play, proposing melodies, conquering ears, eyes, minds, hearts. A dialogue they sought, wanted and found. A reciprocity founded, deserved and satisfying.
How could one not be involved with such generous cleverness?
Bandini and Chiacchiaretta know that. They perceive that every time they stand in front of an audience as appreciative as Gaeta’s!
An unforgettable evening!"
------------------------------------ Sandra Cervone

"A great emotional and musical participation of the two talented interpreters who, perfectly combined on the same expressive wave-length prove to be at their ease in a field that really suits them.
A great performing prowess and style make this recording one of the most significant contributions to this genre. Congratulations!"
------------------------------------ Piero Viti

"A duo gifted with an extraordinary teamwork and an admirable expressive style, capable of offering a wide range of dynamics, from fortissimo to almost imperceptible yet refined full-bodied piani. Technique and intelligence serving a repertoire they explore with taste. Perfect and involving performances."
------------------------------------ Roberto Iovino